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About IIF Data Solutions Inc

For more than 13 years, IIF Data Solutions, Inc., has delivered exceptional service to public, private, and military clients. The professional team at IIF Data Solutions, Inc., offers a wide range of capabilities in the area of domestic national defense. These proficiencies include information technology, logistics and facilities operations, communications security training and operations, training and exercise development, human resources solutions, and training support for war fighters.

Charles Patten, IIF Data Solutions’ President, founded the company to carry out database and force integration management for the National Guard Bureau. IIF Data Solutions, Inc., now lends its expertise to the U.S. Department of Defense and other government agencies, as well as private and public concerns. Moreover, IIF Data Solutions, Inc., has formed strategic partnerships with such leading organizations as General Dynamics, A-Team Solutions, BDA Global, and Amicus USA, Inc. Headquartered in Centreville, Virginia, IIF Data Solutions has expanded its services and its geographical profile over the years; the company’s employees provide support in all 50 states.

IIF Data Solutions’ professional team includes leaders with advanced educations, as well as experience in government, consulting, education, law, and private industry. The senior staff members have amassed a combined 250 years of experience working with Department of Defense agencies. IIF Data Solutions’ commitment to its professional staff results in a low turnover rate of less than 10 percent per year in an industry that typically sees staff turnover rates of more than 25 percent.


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